Project Management Competencies
Assessment for Project Excellence tm

Assessment methodology by Roland Gareis Consulting


  • Assessment of the project management competence in a Project-oriented Organization (PO)
  • Focus on the PM sub-processes: project start, project coordination, project controlling and project close-down
  • Comparison with the PM-competencies of other project-oriented companies
  • Definition of a basis for the further development of the PM-competence of the Project-oriented Organization
  • Deliverables: Assessment report, assessment workshop for presentation and discussion of the results

Assessment Process

  • Analysis of project management documentation (project management procedures) and of projects (WBS, bar chart, organization chart, etc)
  • Interviews with representatives of the PO
  • Development of of a draft assessment report
  • Feedback on the draft by representatives of the PO
  • Development of the final assessment report
  • Preparation for the assessment workshop
  • Performance of the workshop for the presentation and discussion of the assessment results
  • Final documentation


  • Assessment team: 2 Assessors; 2-3 representatives of the Project-oriented Organization ( e.g. PM Office Manager, Senior Project Manager, Quality Manager)

Resource Requirements

  • Interview partners: 4 groups of 3-4 persons, each group for 1.5 hours
  • Assessment workshop: 10-15 participants for 1 day


  • Documentation analysis and interviews: 3- 4 days
  • Preparation of the assessment report: 3-4 days
  • Preparation for the Assessment Workshop: 2days
  • Assessment Workshop: 1 day

Key to Global Innovation and Competitiveness

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