Project-oriented Organization Competencies
Assessment for Project Excellence tm

Assessment methodology by Roland Gareis Consulting


  • Assessment of the specific competencies of a Project-oriented Organization (PO)
  • Focus on the processes project and program assignment, project management, program management, project portfolio management, project personel management, and organizational design of the Project-oriented Organization
  • Comparison with the competencies of other project-oriented companies
  • Definition of a basis for the further development of the competencies of the Project-oriented Organization
  • Deliverables: Assessment report, assessment workshop for presentation and discussion of the results

Assessment Process

  • Analysis of management documents (eg. project management procedures, program management procedures, project portfolio management tools and reports, project personnel management, etc) and of project and program management documents (eg. WBS, bar chart, organization chart, etc)
  • Interviews with representatives of the Project-oriented Organization
  • Development of a draft assessment report
  • Feedback on the draft by representatives of the Project-oriented Organization
  • Development of the final assessment report
  • Preperation of the assessment workshop
  • Performance of the workshop for the presentation and discussion of the assessment results
  • Final documentation


  • Assessment team: 2 Assessors; 3-4 representatives of the Project-oriented Organization ( e.g. PM Office Manager, Senior Project Manager, Division Manager, Quality Manager)

Resource Requirements

  • Interview partners: 6-8 groups of 3-4 persons, each group for 1.5 hours
  • Assessment workshop: 10-15 participants for 2 days


  • Documentation analysis and interviews: 5- 6 days
  • Preparation of the assessment report: 3-4 days
  • Preparation for the Assessment Workshop: 3 days
  • Assessment Workshop: 2 days

Key to Global Innovation and Competitiveness

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