Goal Director helps organizations achieve superior project results by facilitating teamwork across a portfolio of multiple projects and programs. It is a suite of easy to use project management tools that enables management to focus on business results and teams to focus on the work necessary to achieve the business results. It may be installed as a server with multiple intranet and internet clients or as a stand-alone application.

Goal Director supports the Goal Directed Project Management (GDPM) methodology. It is new to the USA, but is a very popular standard in some European nations. Many organizations have been meeting their critical goals using GDPM to manage their projects, programs, and project portfolios since 1984.

Project Management planning and controlling tools based on the Critical Path Method (CPM) developed in the USA over the last 30 years are highly evolved in the planning and controlling of tasks and activities. This evolution has enabled users to successfully develop plans on "how" to deliver successful results. However, there is a "weak link." There are far too many unsuccessful projects reported because the project planning process did not successfully define, confirm, and/or communicate the "why", "what", and "who" (outcomes, deliverables, accountabilities) and the weight of the paper generated during the course of the project often exceeds the weight of the project.

This is where Goal Director adds value and addresses the "weak link". Its underlying methodology, Goal Directed Project Management is highly outcome, deliverable, and accountability oriented. Goal Director facilitates superior project results by structuring the planning and controlling processes:



  1. Build a Project Foundation (why): At this level, business goals are clearly linked to the projects purpose and the principles and procedures for managing the project are clearly defined.

  2. Define Milestones (what): The milestone plan clearly describes required results on a macroscopic level and provides a stable overview of the whole project including deadlines.

  3. Define Accountabilities (who): Identification of the roles necessary to carry out the work is made crystal clear. Emphasis is also put on important roles for people inside and outside the project such as decision makers, people to consult for advice and people to inform

  4. Define Activities (how and when): Selecting the specific people for the necessary roles and estimating the actual work and time needed to reach each milestone is described at this level. All the work necessary to achieve the milestones is clearly delegated and quantified here.

  5. Control Execution: Timesheets and progress reports provide the input for management analysis of milestone progress and the the teams planning of collaborative actions necessary to stay focused on the goals


Goal Director helps organizations achieve superior project results by facilitating teamwork across a portfolio of multiple projects and programs. Sponsors and stakeholders are able to manage at a high level in the form of Milestone plans. Team members are able to plan and control their work in the form of detailed Activity plans. Accountability is made very clear for both levels of management. Goal Director may be installed as a single stand alone application or as multiple clients connected to a server.

Goal Director's clarity and simplicity reduces paperwork to a minimum and empowers all stakeholders to focus their efforts on the most appropriate critical factors for superior project results.

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