User Manual for
Goal Director
Goal Directed Project Management tools

Version 2.2 - 15dec04

Goal Director is a set of integrated client-server Goal Directed Project Management (GDPM) tools that enables large and small organizations to easily implement project management throughout the organization and also allows distributed project teams to collaborate in the planning and execution of projects over the internet.

You may obtain further information on Goal Directed Project Management through public seminars
The book: Goal Directed Project Management is available by clicking the link below.  Versions are also published in several other languages.

Book: Goal Directed Project Management


Note by the authors: Kristoffer V. Grude and Erling S. Andersen:
Goal Directed Project Management (GDPM) is unique methodology developed by the authors over a period of 20 years. Coopers & Lybrand adopted GDPM as its standard approach to project management throughout Europe and it was rapidly implemented by many companies all over the world. This English second edition extends the ideas of the original book and highlights how GDPM can be used to ensure success in organizational change programs and projects. The book gives detailed and practical guidance on how to plan, organize and balance the People System and Organization goals of projects (PSO)   The authors present the practical and effective GDPM methods and tools that were designed by practitioners to increase their probability of success.

Major topics-

This text is widely adopted as a core reading text in business schools throughout the world.  This second edition is a welcome resource to teaching staff, students and managers in organizations of all sizes.

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