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4-days 28 PDUs

“Simulation Labs are a highly engaging way to turn your knowledge into practical application"


This highly engaging, computer supported project simulation lab creates a high involvement, hands-on learning environment that immerses participants in a world of strategic and tactical planning and decision-making. Participants collaborate in small teams to analyze the business context and create comprehensive strategic and tactical transformation plans that harness the diversity of the team and stakeholders for project success.

Your coach Mike Katagiri will share his broad and deep history in complex programs and projects, rapid team learning techniques, computer simulations, self and team assessments, process consultation, coaching, strategic and tactical tools, group discussion, and action/reflection methods.

Required: A personal computer that can connect to the internet; use our web conferencing app; work with files in a shared Google Drive Folder; and use our web simulation app. (disclaimer: By enrolling in this lab, Registrants agree to share their email address for the purpose of emailing pre-work instructions and granting access to a shared Google Drive Folder and the web simulation app)

Key Features

This lab challenges participants to startup and complete a complex program. It exposes participants to major issues faced by program leaders in their daily work such as developing and managing expectations with key stakeholders, balancing cost, schedule, and quality while dealing with crisis events. Participants will integrate critical management behaviors, such as planning, implementing, and using tools, with key leadership behaviors necessary for building working relationships with stakeholders and team members for program success.

  • World class computer simulation
  • Web collaboration tools and methods
  • Goal Directed Transformation Management
  • Virtual Group Facilitation Methods
  • Assessments and Coaching

What You Will Learn

Key competencies and behaviors of team leadership, strategic and tactical management, decision-making, and communications needed to deliver successful programs and projects.

  • Lead and work collaboratively within a diverse virtual team
  • Startup and align a global team with a project vision and strategies
  • Use web-tools and processes that help virtual teams create strategic and tactical plans with resources leveled across the project lifecycle
  • Execute and control projects week by week and engage key stakeholders at appropriate milestones
  • Facilitate lessons learned sessions that lead to concrete actions

How You Will Learn

Participants will work as remote team members in our real time guided lab. As a member of a 3-4 person program leadership team, participants plan and implement a simulated program and project over several lab periods. Each simulated week of the program offers participants the opportunity to practice new approaches, reflect, learn lessons, and receive status updates from our sophisticated program management information system to make critical decisions for the future.  Participants confront and resolve an array of problems associated with customer interactions, a staff of varying personalities, knowledge, proficiencies, and experience, vendors, consultants, quality requirements, schedule commitments, tasks, and other typical program and project elements. The risks of completing on expectations, time, and budget are high and are not just random events but results from prior decisions made in previous simulated weeks. Participants learn how to deal with multiple program objectives and constraints. Participants learn to look outside their immediate area of responsibility and consider building capabilities for the overall organization and program.

Who Should Attend

Team Leaders. Project Managers, Program Managers, PMO Leaders. A basic understanding of project management fundamentals is useful, but not required. (participation in each lab is limited to 16 participants)


 "The best learning experience I have ever attended ...
... well worth my time"


contact : Mike@Katagiri.US