OPERATIONS LEADERSHIPWORLD is a super engaging learning laboratory powered by a Palatine Group computer simulation that accelerates the development of  participants‘ strategic and tactical leadership  and management skills.  Participants practice and improve interpersonal and team behaviors in real teams while  planning  and executing strategies and tactics in a realistic, safe, and fun business environment.


You Will Learn How to…

* Balance the management of an ongoing operation with the leadership of its employees, consultants, vendors, and stakeholders to build effectiveness of the operations’ services.
* Develop operating plans to organize production workflow, handle contingencies, and improve quality while improving cost performance,
* Balance workflow with volume forecasts and capacity planning.
* Track backlog, error rates, productivity, timeliness, transaction costs, and overtime.
* Improve customer service.
* Lead, coach, counsel, and develop staff for growth and retention.
* Improve effectiveness of teams and decision making
* Improve effectiveness with stakeholders
* Analyze operations information, and report status and needs clearly.
* Identify complex trade-offs in decisions, considering all possible consequences.


You Will Learn in 3-Dimensions from…

* Peers doing real planning and implementation work in small leadership teams over a simulated 6 month period (several  classroom days)
* Other leadership teams (in-class benchmarking)
* Our experts coaching you through our sophisticated dynamic simulation of a back office operations environment and operations center.with 6 sections, equipment requirements, fluctuating volumes, backlogs, operating upsets, and typical problems with staff, equipment, customers, and costs
* Customers and Competitors
* Vendors (with varying price, quality, and timeliness)
* Over 50 personnel (with varying personalities, skills, and attitudes)
* Other leadership teams (in-class benchmarking)


Who Should Attend

Current or future operations managers, supervisors, and support groups for back-office systems who need to understand and make improvements to their real world of production processing.